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Why Novel Proteins

Vets and industry experts are increasingly advocating for pet owners to incorporate more Novel Proteins in their pet diets. These alternative meats are a key nutritional component of a healthier diet and a necessary complement to help prevent food allergies!

These sources of highly nutritional, low fat protein come from animals raised in smaller farms, free to roam in their natural habitats, and fed balanced diets without the addition of hormones or artificial preservatives - the result is higher quality meat.

Learn more in this Novel Protein educational video: Play

Rest assured, all proteins used by ROAM® are sourced responsibly as bi-products of sustainable human food systems.
Under no circumstances are animals ever used for the sole purpose of pet treats

Sourcing the best the
world has to offer

A journey by experienced pet industry innovators to bring pets the best from around the world!

United States


Coming soon are some of the best novel protein meats America has to offer, including Wild Boar, Bison and Alligator.



Up next on our global journey in search of the best proteins on earth is Chile. Get ready for fresh salmon and Patagonia sheep.

South Africa

South Africa – Ostrich, Venison, Crocodile

Launching with 3 healthy, naturally- and humanely-raised novel proteins from the exciting grasslands and wetlands of South Africa.

Australia-New Zealand

Australia-New Zealand

Coming soon from that region, unique novel proteins like kangaroo, crocodile, very tasty venison, and superb wild caught fish and mussels.

Good for

Good for Dogs

Good for

Good for People

Good for
the Planet

Good for Planet

Bruno loves the Ostrich chews! He used to get very sick from the regular store bought bones. But ROAM® products are great for his health.

Leica literally goes crazy when I feed her the Little Warrior croc bone. She has never been more obsessed with a treat before!

Joey used to get bad stomach issues from the beef and chicken treats we used to feed her. ROAM®'s novel protein treats have her feeling much better!

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